Issue with Selector to open Application (my company in-house system)

Hello, My name is Natchakrit
I wanna use UiPath open my company in-house system by “open Application” but it’s not success. Any point I done it wrong. Thank for your kindly advice in advance.

mention this filename in START PROCESS as input to Filepath and try once


Cheers @natchakrit


Use Start process activity and specify the .exe path into filepath and then check it.

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks for your advice, let me try.

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Hi lakhman,

Thanks for your advice, let me try.

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after use “Start process” I can open the application, then i use “Type into” for input user name and password but nothing happen and next step i would like to automate fill in data from my worksheet (excel) how should i do ? another one it should be better to convert excel to csv file then automate right? and how the different? many thanks in advance.

we can either use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab and use n number of tab key until we reach the field we want and use TYPE INTO ACTIVITY with input string alone, without choosing any element.
–then finally use a SEND HOT KEY with key as enter
we can use ATTACH BROWSER and select the whole browser window and inside that container use TYPE INTO ACTIVITY and CLICK ACTIVITY
ensure that we have enabled the SIMULATE TYPE and SIMULATE CLICK in type into and click activity

and for this

we can read the data from excel with READ RANGE Activity and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt.
–now use a for each row activity and pass the above variable dt as input
–inside the scope use assiign activity likethis
str_output = row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString
this strring variable str_output can be used in above mentioned method of TYPE INTO acttivity by placing them inside this for each row loop

both would be fine
if its excel iit would easy to change the value of the table while csv it involves more activities to do it but still possible

hope this would help you
Cheers @natchakrit

Hi @natchakrit,

thats whay usualy i use PowerSheell to open aplications.

Just user powerShell “C:Windows\Explorer.exe”

its easy

GL with your project

thanks for your advise, Let’s me try.

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Thank you. next application to be utilized I will try powerShell.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Palaniyappan,
the application that I use is a client base (not web base) so I cannot use “attach browser” right? however, I try to use “send hot key” which key as tab, i tab to reach the field i want then use “type Into” and “send hot key” which key as enter but nothing happen any step i done wrongly?
By the way, i’m not sure about “use n number of tab key until we reach the field we want” as well. it mean after click “indicate element inside window” select key as tab and input “number” in the properties panel ?

Thank you very much for your advice.

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Hi @Palaniyappan
I try but still not success could you please advise more

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We dont need to select any element in SEND HOT KEY activity as we have used the special keys like tab

And make sure that you have used n number of send HotKey with tab key until it has reached the field we want like if we want to have four tab keys to be pressed then use four send hot keys with tab key

And also while typing with type into use just type into with input string and no need to select any element when we use this type into next to send hot key activity

You were almost done
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @natchakrit


Still nothing happen by the way, SendHotKey2 this is how to put n number ?

the below is result not success, kindly advise. Million Thanks in advance.

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In send hot key activity property panel remove selector property and try once
And also ensure that the Type into activity property panel has simulate type property disabled and sendwindowmessage property is enabled

Cheers @natchakrit

Hi, currently I can manage send hotkey but I’m unable to select one item in dropdown list. i use select item but found error Select%20Item

any Idea to manage? Thanks.