Type into text into a search box is not working

There are 2 search boxs and I want to enter search criteria in “search report” box but not working.

  1. How to resolve this type into problem?
  2. How to clear the existing text in the search box ?

Hi @Gunasekaran_Kandasamy ,

Please Use Ui Explorer and Check if there is an aaname attribute that you can use or an attribute that could provide more stability for the Selector.

For Clearing the Existing Text, we could enable the EmptyField Property in the Type into Activity.

Also, What is the current error that you face when using Type Into ?

I could not find any aaname attribute in the ui explorer

HI @Gunasekaran_Kandasamy

Try like this

  • Open selectors → Open in Ui Explorer
  • Click on indicate element and indicate the text field.
  • Now Click on indicate Anchor and indicate on the Reports

If Possible can you share the link of the website?


@Gunasekaran_Kandasamy Enable the empty field property. So that it clears the data before typing


Emptyfield is working fine.

There are 2 input text box as per the first snap shot it picks up first search box rather than 2nd one when i put parentid = ember* . Same if i try with ember6941 (number) it works fine.

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