Type into password outlook text not typed

Error :

Program File :
Test.xaml (28.4 KB)

I encountered an error with the “Type Into” activity in Outlook app. The password is not be typed into the screen. It seems to be blank.
I have carefully checked the selectors, after click “Validate Selector” on UiPath Explorer, the selector is valid.
The properties I set as below :

  • WaitForReady : COMPLETE
  • Activate : checked
  • EmptyField : checked
  • SimulateType : checked

I have checked, unchecked the “SendWindowMessages”, “ClickBeforeTyping” but it seems not working.

I have uploaded the workflow above. I have removed ID & password because it’s credential. You can use your own ID & password of Outlook to test.

This frustrated me for nearly 3 hours. Appreciate very much if someone encountered this before and help me fix this frustrating stuff :smiley:

Hi Sonminator,

Try using a click activity to click into the field, and then using a type into activity to type without choosing a selector.

I have configured a little bit the selector, probably I should use partial selector instead of full selector. Thanks bro :grinning:

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