Type into activity behaving strangely

Hi team, i am trying to fetch a mail from outlook and for that i need to enter a keyword for mail search but when use the type into activity it does not enter the text but it gets stuck and the focused bar below the typing area gets highlighted with a dotted box. Any idea what might be happening.Mail_1

Hard to track down whats going wrong.

Things you can try:

  • Type into : check Simulate Type

  • If you have a reliable selector containing the input field: Click text activity > Type into

  • Type Into: uncheck activate > copy your keyword to the clipboard (Set to clipboard activity) and Type into: “[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]”

I hope one of these that helps resolving the issue :slight_smile:

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@TastyToast i tried the first 2 approaches but they don’t seem to work but i could not understand the 3rd approach could you elaborate please.

Your selector seems to be an issue.

If you open the selector in UiPath Explorer, you may see an attribute with property value set to “Search Current Mailbox”. You might want to include that in your selector and try if that works.