Type into not working

I have recorded one of the actions containing “Type into”. I am trying to put the value in the webpage. however, while playing it, it doesn’t take the value.
Please check the xaml file.Main.xaml (5.3 KB)
Thanks in advance

Hello @Marker,
Couple suggestions you could try:

  1. Try to use ClickBeforeTyping attribute - sometimes it helps
  2. Try to add Delay activity with couple seconds set before Type Into to be sure that robot is not trying to type before element is loaded.
  3. When robot fails please stop the process and without closing website check if your selectors are green. Those are looking kinda weird in your workflow but it’s worth to check anyway.

Might be like element has not loaded properly. So, try with element exists and then using condition of boolean you can do type into
Or you can try with interactive wait for and timeout property as around 30 seconds(30000)
Or, if you can do like in optins select the Click before typing,

Let us know if any of the suggestions works for you.
Pavan H



Great…! You are almost done buddy…

Kindly add just a CLICK activity to the field where you wanna Type the value before
TYPE INTO activity. This would be suggestd even in our academy video…

I would like to suggest few of my friends @Pablito and @pavanh003 guidelines as well, and it will make sure that your bot types into the field for sure as well, like,

– Enable clickbeforetyping property in type into
– Increase TimeoutMS more 30 sec if you feel like the page would take more time to load

Hope this would help you buddy…


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Thank you for your suggestion guys :slight_smile:
@pavanh003 it worked on by checking “clickbeforetyping” button and deselecting “Activate” button.

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