"Type into" is not working properly

Hi, Currently I’m working on ADP project to automate and update the details to fill the timesheet. Even though I mark the target and anchor properly “Type Into” activities is not working only for time.
For ex: If I need to add my login time as “12:00 PM”, It debugs the file and run successfully but the value is not added inside the Check IN time field.

Please help me know what is the issue I’m facing here.
Thanks in advance.

Check with Simulate Type/Click for both options Yes and No. Sometimes the target application doesn’t support Simulate Type or vice versa.

Hey @PoojaShekar ,
Can u check if it clicks before typing into the field

Also add anchors while indicating the target such that it can identify the correct field to type into

hope it helps you out


Depending on the application and the field you’re trying to input into, the behavior of input fields can differ. You might need to experiment with different input methods like “SimulateType” or “SendWindowMessages” in the “Type Into” activity’s properties.

If type into does not work properly put set text activity.

Check the selector of type into activity if you are using modern approach disable Fuzzy and Image in selector window.

change the selecters
in properties panel put the empty field and simulate type

hi @PoojaShekar

can you try by enabling simulate click option in the properties of typeinto activity
use set text activity if type into fails

DateTime.Now.ToString (“hh:mm:ss tt”) use this to contact with the value which you need to type in Check In