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Uipath Rookie here. I have a Type into activity in my workflow. It is not getting executed. I have validated the Element. And it gets highlighted too when I check it. However this step does not get executed and it directly jumps to the next activity.

Is there any workaround for this?

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Make sure that the SIMULATE TYPE is enabled in the property panel of Type Into activity
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Hi there @abdul.hakeem.siraj

Depends on your activity properties as well as the application.

Simulate Type: Web applications (Iframes in Flash and SIlverLight fails sometimes), some mainstream .NE apps (desktop)
SendWindowsMessage: JAVA, Sometimes SAP and other apps
Default: Every application if the indication is highlighted successfully. (But slower, and doesnt work in background)

So please mention which application so that we can figure out any issue (Maybe some events have to load before you can actually click - like Hover or setting focus on the UiElement)

Hi @Raghavendraprasad

With each run, the webctrl id changes and due to that reason, it throws an error saying Cannot find the UI element.

Also, how do I identify which application is being used?


kindly replace that attribute value with wildcard *
as it is dynamic i guess bot is not able to find the element
Cheers @abdul.hakeem.siraj

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