Type into not working in background on IE

Hello team,

I am trying to type an url in IE, all actions need to be in background, however the type into activity seems to be working wrong:

If I set SimulateType=True then nothing happens.
If I set SimulateType=False then it works fine.

I have tried with SendWindowMessages and its the same.

So, the selector is working fine because with the false option it works.

Any ideas? Could it be the version of IE or uipath studio?

Thanks in advance,

Which Version of studio you used??

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I am using the latest version, 2019.8.0 Community Edition…

@luisvv93 do one thing
Before use type into activity

  • use click activity on textbox
  • then used type into activity as you do
    Unchecked click before typing property of type into activity


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Thank you,

But it still not working, the only way it works is if I check:
ClickBeforeTyping and EmptyField

This is weird…Idk why it is not accepting the SimulateType option

Can you please try using NavigateToUrl activity? This will run in the background.


Thanks man!! It worked! Still not sure why the other activity does not work well with ie but in firefox it works 100% of the times…


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