Type into 'INPUT email' : Cannot use UI_CONTROL_API on this UI node. Please use UI_HARDWARE_EVENTS method

Hi all, I am new here.
I encountered the error below while I was executing the web browser. How can I solve this problem?Thanks

Type into ‘INPUT email’ : Cannot use UI_CONTROL_API on this UI node. Please use UI_HARDWARE_EVENTS method.

Hi @tshinming can you share your workflow ,and first check whether you have installed all the packages or not you can install them by going to activity side bar and there will be box named manage packages or just click ctrl+p the pop up window will come and install all packages .

Looks like SIMULATE_TYPE method does not work on that target application. You should try WINDOW_MESSAGES or HARDWARE_EVENTS

Explanation here:


Hi @tshinming

As @badita said first you should get familiar with UIpath activities. so Please watch those videos first :slight_smile:

what other i can advice is to get familiar with all Activities try with every activities and its properties and on hover on each activities and as well properties you will get some idea about that Activity and Properties .

Happy Learning with Uipath :slight_smile:

Note - For your problem you can use “Get Text:” Activity to get that labled text data and after its output pass that into with type Into activity.


Hi Badita,
I have managed to solve the issues i posted previously. Thanks so much.

I have another issue on Table (Please see attachment). I tried with find children then for each row function to modify and process the Premium row in the attachment and check box. I am facing the UI element identification error.

What is your recommendation on this data table retrieval. I also tried data scrapping and found out that the column “Premium” list box and “Sell” check box are not part of the table extraction.

If that is not entirely an HTML table than you should go for pattern base data extraction. Click No when asked if you want to extract data from HTML table.

If still doesn’t work you should handle it manually using For Each Child.

Thanks Badita.

I will try later.

At first, i will select which item to be selected from list box under “Premium” based on the data on column “Repayments” and “Sale price”. Then checked the “Sell” check box.

Is it mean that i extract the data into csv file then i will read this file again to determine “Premium” to select and check the “Sell” check box? Will the csv file link to the table while the program read each row in csv?


Hi Badita

How come my table children returned only 1 child? Anything wrong with my filter input “”?


Hi Badita

I am able to get the number of children in the table.

The problem now was the for each activity is only doing work on first row of data and never goes to second row for checking. I did create some variables within the loop which these variables are used from screen scraping from the table row data.


Can you attach the workflow?


please see the image below


please see the flow chart as below

The .xaml I mean :)), for checking the filter. I suspect that you are always automating the same elements (first row).

Let’s suppose you have this table:

Id1 Repayments1 Premium1 SalePrice1
Id2 Repayments2 Premium2 SalePrice2

Solution 1 would be to get multiple collections of children (Find Children used 4 times): IdCol, RepaymentsCol, PremiumCol, SalePriceCol then

for each item in IdCol
    GetFullText Repayments
    GetFullText SalePrice
    Select Premium
    Check Input

But here’s the trick. For all these activities, in the target property you won’t be using a selector (leave it empty) but use the element property filled in with RepaymentsCol(i), SalePriceCol(i), etc where i is a counter that starts from 0 and increases with every iteration.

for each item in SomeCol
        Highlight (Some Element) 

will help you to check if you are on the right track.

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Hi Badita

The target’s selector property are below:

This is trading website of someone. It required login and security. It is confidential to upload the xaml here. I hope you understand. Therefore, i need the step by step clearer instruction on how to run the code.

Hi Badita,

Is it possible to send me an example for getting multiple collection? And send me the .xaml?

I am not able to leave Selector as empty. It retains the back as below even i cleared the contents.

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Sell - Funding Circle' />
<webctrl aaname='Part ID Title Loan ID Risk Repayments Premium Sale price Buyer r*' parentid='loanpart-table' tag='TABLE' />


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Should work like this. Go in Properties-> Target->Selector; CTRL+A select all, Delete


How to input the Element property? Any example?

still the same as the details in the Properties-> Target->Selector remains after i CTRL+A select all, Delete.

Hi @tshinming, sorry I am out of time. You can find two samples on using UiElement instead of selectors here:


hi @badita,

 <webctrl aaname='Part ID Title Loan ID Risk Repayments Premium Sale price Buyer r*' parentid='loanpart-table' tag='TABLE' />
<webctrl isleaf='1' tableCol='5' tableRow='1' tag='TD' />

I think i can iterate the tableRow (It copied from the Get full text Selector’s property under Target) so i can able to decide the setting of Premium. How can i do it?