Type into 'INPUT email' : Cannot use UI_CONTROL_API on this UI node. Please use UI_HARDWARE_EVENTS method

Hi @badita

How can i build the exe file under UIpath? Is is under Publish? I cant see where is the file located after i click on Publish?


Please open separate threads (if you don’t find the answer)

I am also facing this issue in some of my process. Mostly this error comes when Type into activity.
There is one scenario: Bot is typing a comment in Empty text box and it’s has a simulate type property and the bot fails here

Looking for a workaround here to solve this issue

Hi Badita,
I have managed to solve the issues i posted previously. Thanks so much. How? you can tell me

In some applications, an idx element will be generated. Using the UIExplorer you can fine tune your selector until the idx is removed. This will, in many cases, resolve the issue.