Type Into Activity used to enter text and Text disappear, when move to next Text Window

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Click Activity first, then a small text window appears, after that I’m using Type into activity to send text to text window. When I move to another Text window, above text disappear.
Steps I tried:

  1. Click, Type into, SendHotKey : Tab, tried Enter also
    Fails, it goes to different text window and above entered text disappears.
  2. Attach window, but selects the whole browser not that text window.
    Any help, much appreciated. Thanks PostVacancy.xaml (23.1 KB)
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Try in TypeInto Properties-> delay between keys->keep 1000 or 2000


You can try with Set Text activity also

Hope this helps


Thanks for your suggestion, I have tried as you suggested but still the same, the text disappears after goes to next text window.

Did you find a solution to this issue ? I am having the exact same problem.