Type Into Activity doesnt work

I was trying to do the type into activity to search on an outlook . however typing doesnt work as per output it works but when I look on the part when it needs to search theres no typed letters

@ivonamaesurita Try to give delay before type into activity. Give it try once.

HI Ivona - Can you try debugging the workflow and see where exactly the issue is. It might be a selector issue.
And i would like to suggest as well that you can try using mail activities.

Thanks for the suggestion , wondering if you have a sample of that certain activity so i could see how does it works :grinning:

Done, it works when i put delay between the keys, now my issue is my robot runs so slow for the rest of the activity, but when i try to run other workflow it is not slow

Since you have given delay between key’s type into will take time but other activities should work as expected that does not affect other activities.

Try and make the rest of the click and typeinto Simulate Click/Type enabled