Type into activity of 21.4.3 UIAutomation not writing "E" on specific site


Has anyone encountered this bug and knows why this is caused? It is strange that if I downgrade to 20.10.8 the type into activity writes the letter “e” as well but unfortunately I’m am too far into the project and there are a lot of incompatibilities caused by the downgrade in order to fix it like this.

Only solution I came with is using the Set to clipboard and sending a CTRL+V Hotkey.

So strange that only one letter of the alphabet doesn’t get typed.
What has changed in the way simulate type works between these two versions: 21.4 and 20.10 ?


Hi @danielctin14

Would you mind sharing some more details about the specific application that you are trying to automate?

Hey Maciej,

Application is Salesforce and then new version of it looks like this:

And the textbox fields that have the specific bug look like this:

Is there any chance that something has changed from UIAutomation package 20.10 to 21.4 or in between that the website doesn’t register the simulated “E” the same as before? The workaround I am currently using is hardware typing but I would like to avoid that if possible.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for the extra information @danielctin14

I checked with the team and we would still need some more data points :slight_smile: Please see below:

  • which browser are you using?
  • does it still reproduce on with UIAutomation 21.8-preview?
  • could you please provide a screenshot of the activity with all the properties visible (can be multiple screenshots), mainly the string that you are trying to input, but also whether it is a Modern or a Classic activity and what are its properties :slight_smile:

Late reply, but good news. The issue should be fixed in the latest 22.4 version of the UIAutomation package.

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