Type into activity is not working in sap application

In Sap application i am able to enter transactional code. In Next screen i am not able enter
a value. For example: Name. If I try to choose the name box(Edit text). It is highlight the whole screen. I am not able to choose the particular edittext.

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Hi @BNK,

Have you tried using the Attach Window activity in this UI that appears?

Then, inside of the Attach Window add your type into activity.

If i use type into,click,set text activity it is choosing the whole window. it is not choosing the particular field. I tried with basic and desktop recording.

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Use click activity Or Click Text Activity

Indicate the text field to be clicked.

Use Type Into activity

You don’t need to indicated the element.

You need to give only the action to type the value.


If i use click activity it is selecting the whole screen. i am not able choose particular field


In SAP Application some time it will works like this.

Use Click activity and select the Region for the Text Field.



First let’s try upgrading the UIAutomation package and access the Elements

Go to studio → design tab → Manage Packages → Project Dependencies → upgrade UIAutomation package and install it


If that doesn’t work you can try with SEND HOT KEY activity where first use tab key without selecting any element and see whether it has reached the cell where we want to type
If not then use n number of the same activity with tab key until it reaches that cell

Once after reaching use a SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and pass the value you want to type as input string

Then use a SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY and key as ctrl+v and without any element selected

This will copy paste the value in that cell

Note: if the cell is getting highlight automatically and if there is no need of tab key to be pressed then just use a Set to clipboard and send HotKey with ctrl+v as activities

Cheers @BNK

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