Type into Activity - Keep Values

Hello - Can anyone help with the below.

I want to use a ‘Type into Activity’ to change the values in a text box (as in the image below. The text box will always contain “Test File”) but I don’t want to remove ‘Test File’ (example). The other part is I want to add today’s date but the next time I type into the text box I want to change the date but again keep “Test File”. Any help is much appreciated.



Whether the text box value will reset when the radio button is clicked (Overwrite the existing value)

How the name of the query is decided?


Fine mention like this in the INPUT of TYPE INTO ACTIVITY
"Test File "+"your value"
if that “Test File” value changes
–then use a GET TEXT ACTIVITY and get the output of that field with a string variable named str_input
–now use a TYPE INTO activity like this]
str_input.ToString+" "+"your value"

Cheers @Cormac

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Thanks @Palaniyappan

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