Issue with Type into activity because values not getting updated as required

My concern is with the type into activity, actually I’m trying to fill a field with some value using the type into activity on JDE website. I’m getting the value which is to be filled from excel and storing it in a variable and passing the variable into type into activity, for example the field is pay status and its initial value is H and I need to replace it with A through type into.But when I’m executing the code it is typing A replacing the H value however later on when I’m checking the value remains the same,it is still H, not getting updated to A, all the selector I have checked even in the properties I have specified click before typing, empty field and simulate type.
Still I’m not getting why it is not getting updated.

Is it like your default value of the field is H? You’ve to type A over there.
And after the execution it should remain A ryt?

Yes exactly, it is typing A in place of H, but when checking the value still shows as H

@chaitanya.panicker, that’s a bit strange, please try below method and see if it helps:

send the value to Clipboard with Set To Clipboard then click the input box, using the click activity and send hotkey Ctrl + v

if clicking the text box does not clear the text, use send hotkey Ctrl + A, another send hotkey DEL.

Hey @chaitanya.panicker
Could you please try with a input dialogue box?
Like instead of fetching value from an excel, try to input the value ‘A’ from an input dialogue box. Check whether the value remains the same even after the execution. Just give it a try. :slight_smile: