Type Into Activity - Automatic values

Hello everyone ,

I want to use a ‘Type into Activity’ to find the values in a text file. I will add string into the text box. But my string is changing (as example below). In the string It always start with “役員” and end with “長期借入金”, only the middle element is always changing.
How can i set text in the text box(Type into Activity), can you tell me, please!

or 役員従長期借入金
or 役員*長期借入金


try this:

If you wants to find the text in a text file use one send hot key and pass the hotkey as CTRL+F.

Use one type into activity to find the particular text take one type into and pass text.


Now pass the new text by using type into


Try to create a regex with respect to your pattern and the pass it to the type into

Hi NaNi
I want to add a string in to type into activity to find the other value, but my string is changing so i dont know how to set up my string and add in the text box. (image below)


Hi @Thanu_Matheesha1
Can you wrire for me how to use regex in this case.
My string is “役員長期借入金" and "” it’s mean the element change.



If your text changes depends on the condition, try using if activity. So that you will be able to type different texts.

HI @Phuong_Bui

Can you elaborate little more


Hi @Zeki_Berk_Gokkaya

The string conditon is only start with “役員” and end with " 長期借入金*". after i use type into activity (add string ) and enter it, i will get value in this table below (like image). Because i apply this in many files, in files the string is changed (middle element) so i dont know how to set up string and add in to the text box.

Hi @Gokul001

Like @Thanu_Matheesha1 said, i can use regex and write string in the text box. but i dont know how to apply regex in my string.

  1. I will add string into type into activity (in send hot key (ctrl + f))
  2. get value from table after add string and enter

The middle element of string is always changing. I don’t know how to enter a string in the text box.The string condition is start with “役員” and end with " 長期借入金".