Type Into Activity not success

when I use “type into activity” to input text to my desktop application I use
row(“Deal Status”).ToString + “[k(enter)]”
but i wanna input number or date with “type into activity” but it failed. how should I put in inside “type into activity” Thanks.

Type into activity usually takes in String variable as input
though we want number like “12345” to be typed in it can be mentioned as a string
like this “12314” so that it will type in the relavant field

Cheers @natchakrit

Hi @natchakrit

Do you want to retrieve the value from datatable and put it to type into activity?
Maybe you need to put Type into activity inside For each row for do that.

Please refer to the attached file for guidelines.
TypeInto.zip (19.4 KB)

I hope it will be useful to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Natapong @Palaniyappan
I wanna retrieve the value from datatable and put it to type into activity, I still got stuck due to my desktop application might be validate the input data should be “number” and some data input must be “date” so I cannot use row(“xx”).ToString. incase validate filed by Date format or Number format such as row(“xx”)… or anything else. what should I do. thanks a lots.

do we have any date column in that excel so that it can be filled to the application

we have date column in Excel with I change the format to be text then I can use Type Into by row(“Date”).ToString + [k(enter)] so I can do it. However if I didn’t change date column to be text I cannot do it and also number column as well, I can do it even though I had already changed format from number to text. Thanks

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