Letter case is changing in save as window by using the typeinto activities


 while entering the name of the file path in the save as window using  type into activity the letter case is getting changed camel cases .

actual text: GRIR Analysis for 6101_July 2022
bot writing as:grir aNALYSIS FOR 6101_jULY 2022

Kindly help me on the above issue.

Convert the whole text into upper case or lowercase before perform type into activity .Hope this could help.

Hello @mahesha

You can use ToUpper or ToLower methods to convert the file to particular case and then use it in Typeinto

The Caps Lock on your keyboard is on.

Hey! @mahesha

Try something like this:

If we are getting the grir in variable we can use like this


For this use proper case… like this

CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.TextInfo.ToTitleCase("Analysis_for 6101 July 2022")