Uipath Studio Activities Problems

Hi, I’m working on a progress since 3 months ago and all the process was going very well till yesterday.
When the process try to use type into activity, the robot do whatever it wants to do and type in different boxes. The only thing I did to solve it is to change every type activity and it works… that means my xaml is corrupted or something? there is other ways to solve something that a couple of days ago was going perfectly?

Hi @KevinDS

Do you mean that your bot stopped filling in correct boxes and started to do them at random?

Is it possible that something changed in the application/website you were automating? It seems to me that the selectors became broken due to changes in the target application/webpage and you fixed it by redoing the selectors (by redoing the type into activities).

Could that be the case here?

Hi @loginerror , Thank you for the comment.

In this case I was using Type into without selector. You know when you let type into activity without selector it says “indicate on screen” rigth? but this time all the type into activities says “take representative screenshot” and result every type activity that says that in my flowchart is typing randomly

This makes me confused. I am really not sure why this would happen.
Did anything happen to your system configuration at all (software-wise)?

On the other note, is there a reason for using Type Into activity without selectors? Do you use it as a way to send key presses? It might be a good idea to still give a high level selector for a window to avoid potential issues.