Type into a Ckeditor inside an iFrame

In my webpage, I have an iFrame and inside there there is a CKEditor when I click on a text box. I am not able to type anything insdie this CKEditor. Any one please help me which activity or locator I shall use for that?

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Thats a great question to start with…

Kindly use a click activity with simulate click enabled - first and then use type into activity with same simulate click enabled and clickbeforetype property enabled, it will work buddy…

But indicate the field where you want to enter with this click and type into activity correct and then with above said enabled this will work buddy.
Hope this would help you

Tried with the same. No luck.


Buddy even the click selector (element selected) should be same as Type into, its like how we human click on a field before we type into it…and kindly enable the clickbeforetype property in type into activity as well

Moreover, Buddy can i see the selector of type into activity, and is that appearing in a new page from the first page…if so use attach window activity and place all the activities inside if it is a desktop application or attach browser if its in web browser…

Kindly provide these details we can sort this out buddy…

Follow what you menetioned, still no luck. Pease find below the details you have asked.

All activities are under attach browser.


Selector of Type into activity

@shailesh_gohel Since you have tried almost everything, would you be willing to use some JavaScript?
You can start with the below post on stackoverflow.

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I would like to give a small suggestion, may be it might work, better use sendhotkey activities with tab as input once it reaches the field where text is to be entered with required number of tab, use type into activity with just input string no element selected…\


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Yeh, it worked for me. Thanks a lot buddy. Great help (y)

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Thats amazing…!

Buddy close this thread with right comment as solution that could help others searching for solution…

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