Click Image Activty


I am using windows application . In that i need to enter the username and password.
I tried typeinto but it doesn’t work. So i used click image activity in the user name field.
How i need to enter the username(Typeinto is not working)
How to perform that?


Hi @sharu_priya Does it giving any error. If yes, can you share that error here. Also give a try with below steps

  • Try with Set Text
  • Instead of Click Image did you try with Click activity to click on that field, then use Typeinto/SetText
  • Try Adding delay before Typeinto
  • Try with CV Activities

Below link would help

Hi @sharu_priya

is there any error, or why type into is not working?
you can give a try with computer vision activities instead



After th click activity… use a type into activity and make sure to make activate as false and also click before typing as false…and give the window selector