Type into without selectors


I’m trying to into a field where the cursor is currently present without pointing the selectors but its not working.

Could you please let me know how to type into a field where the cursor is present without using selectors?

Thank you in advance

Hello @aishwarya1 ,

You can try the activity “Send Hotkey”, without selector, and without SpecialKey property → the full text to write has to go where the Hotkey value is in the activity.

Hi @aishwarya1,

You can use Send hotkey activities, but you have to attach window.


Hello @aishwarya1
You can use the type into activity to write some value in Cursor placed area without selector, but need to use attach browser or application actvivity.

Hi @aishwarya1,

It’s easy, if you are using the modern UI then you need to check “Show Classic activities”:
Then you put a normal Type Into:
It is advised to use a attach window / browser because it may type it somewhere else but I usually use a click or click image activity where I need it.