Two active packages


I can not disable 1.0.5 version. How is this possible? What can i do ?
Thank you!

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Hi @Andrei_Croitoru,

This looks like a bug. Have you tried deleting this package?


Yes, i can not, because is active.

Does it give a warning when you try to delete it? Because maybe it just looks that way visually.

Delete button is inactive/grey.

Are you using cloud orchestrator? If so, you can open a ticket. If not, restart the server where the orchestrator is installed. If it still doesn’t fix, remove the process and recreate it.

hi @Andrei_Croitoru
check your all robot that currenly active running that process of that version , thats is the reason of you cannot disable it ,

carefully lookat oll of your robots / studio , One or more robots are running it , stop it first and do it :sunglasses: