Trying to form a datatable using the retrieved data from a web page


Hi friends, I am trying to build a data table with 4 columns namely Name, Name URL, Description and Location. I am trying to add the data after few filters. So can anyone guide me how can I add the data individually in the respective columns and rows(increasing by one for the next loop run). Please check the image below.

The data table built is like given below::

Thank You.

From which method you are getting the data ? data scrapping or get text?

I tried with datascraping but it kept looping between the first 2 pages.

I am using while loop.

So after that i switched to Get full text method. Now i want to enter this data in the data table. Respectively one by one.



1.After getting data from website…Create int variable…Count and and assign…
2.In excel application scope you can use write cell activity…and give range…“A”+count.tostring…for your name variable…
3.After that increment your counter…


So, I need to create the excel first hand then just keep adding the data?

yes…use build data table then use write range activity and check add headers property to create excel…


OK, Thanks let me try. Will get back after trying the method.