Get text from a dynamic table on webpage

Hello everyone!

I have an issue and i can’t find it on forum.
So, i need to copy 2 columns from a web table format and then paste every cell of those columns separately. Is like i have to “get text” save it to variable and then “type into”. The problem is that this table is dynamic. Some time it can have 5 rows, another time it can have 20/22/25/29 etc. I attached a photo of the columns that i need to copy.
How can i do this?
Thanks for your help!


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Have you tried with Data scraping ?

If not then try it first and will give you output as DataTable and use ForEach Row to iterate one by one row.

Hi and thank you for your quick answer!

I Made the datatable and i tried with ‘for each row’ but i was stuck on how to copy the cells from datatable.
How can i copy the datatable?



Hello? Anyone? Is there somebody that wants to copy a data table and then paste it cell by cell to web?


Hi @filipe

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Do you want the logic to iterate through the datatable?

  1. For each datatable
  2. Write cell as per requirement

Or you can filter the datatable with just the columns you require and do a write range with the new datatable


Thank you for your quick response!

I scraped the data and it has created a data table.
Now, i want to copy every cells from that data table and then paste it into different fields on a browser.
I can’t figure it out how can i paste those cells on those fields from the browser…

Thanks for your help!

Hi @filipe

You want it written into a different browsers or excel?

If excel, write range and it will be written to excel
If browser, for each… The datatable can be accessed via row(0), row(1) and so on basis of column number

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@Shubham_Varshney kind of helps. But i’m stuck on copying every cell of data table and then paste it in the fields of an webpage. Those are the columns that i want to individually copy, then paste them individually into a webpage field.


Try the following:

And add the data-table created to output data-table and write it output-plane…
This will help you out with the getting is the data scrapping perfectly or not…

If this all works then we can feed it to any required website as the data can be used any place as per your requirement

Hope this works for you… If it does then we can move on to feeding the data :slight_smile: