How to Build Data Table after using Data Scrapping from web page


May I know how can I build a Data Table using the information I got from Data Scrapping activity? Thanks !

Data scrapping itself will generate a datatable and give us a output with variable of type datatable
Cheers @sam.lee

Because my workflow is

  1. Data Scrapping on web page
  2. Screen Scrapping on web page (Get Text Activity)
  3. Write Range to Excel

So I wanted to write everything into 1 single data table in UiPath and then last step only write into excel file. @Palaniyappan

once after screen scrapping we can convert that string variable to a datatable using GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY where pass that string as input and get the output with a variable of type datatable
–now we need to ensure one thing
both the data scrapping outcome datatable and the generate datatable outcome must have same number of columns, same order of columns, same datatype of columns
only then we can merge them together with MERGE DATATABLE ACTIVITY where in the source mention one datatable and in the destination mention another datatable name
–so finally both will get merged in the destination mentioned datatable and that can be used as input to the WRITE RANGE ACTIVITY

Cheers @sam.lee

Kindly close this with the solution for the one you feel correct with, so that it would help others while looking for solution…


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