How to copy get text and save in new data table

Hi all,
Need your help. I have a case where I have to retrieve information from different websites and put this into a new data table. I used the “recording → web” option to copy the text from the website. I used “text → copy text” on the various websites to get the text and saved these as a variable (GenericValue).This is all done in a sequence. How do I put these (10) variables in a newly created data table?


Exactly what you want to do ? all that values you want to add in a datatable as a column name or how ?
Can you please specify the datatable structure ?

I already have an Excel file with data (in a table). I have to add the abovementioned data to this table. So far I transformed the Excel file into an output data table with the Excel Application Scope. After that I built a sequence to copy get text data from various websites as described above. Now I have to add these 10 values to the output table I made. After this action I have to do a similar action, but with different data.
My plan was to build a new data table and then select that range and append it into the output data table (which is the Excel file). In the end I will have a data table with 5 column and 11 rows (header included)

one question is , that 10 values you are getting from the different sites that you are storing in excel file?

  1. You have an excel file with some data.
  2. Now you are collecting some values from web. So append it through Append Range into the same Excel file.
  3. after your loop will get over, now your excel has 11 rows and 5 columns.
  4. you can directly get it into your datatable.

I used a get row function to loop the 10 values. Those 10 values where first translated into variables. Those variables got then be put in an array and with the get row function I got the output table.