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I have an automation where i have to get text multiple times from the web and then write those text to a data table later. is there a way to store all the texts i retrieve into a variable to write to the excel later?

You can create a data table with build data table activity, get the text and add it using add data rows to the datatable. At the end of the extraction, write your datatable that you built to excel

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I hoped that helped. If you need some more help we can schedule a Zoom or Teams call on Saturday or Friday late afternoon?

I will try that route out today and get back to you, Thanks Cousin!

When i extract the text it is in a string format. Ho do i add that to the datatable that i have made with the build data table activity?

Use a Add Data Row activity

and in the ArrayRow in the Properties of the activity put your text variable you created in Brackets such as {yourvariable}. If you have more than one column of text you are retrieving, each column with a different variable name it would be {yourvariable1,yourvariable2,etc}. Then in the DataTable property you will put the name of the dt you created.

Hope that helps


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