Trying to click on first row of a grid where tags keep changing


I am writing a bot to fill in some details on a page, including a pop-up wizard (see below). I’m having difficulty clicking or typing into the first field of the wizard, circled in red below.

When I just use Selector Editor (before doing any edits to it), it defaults to the following:

This works fine until the page refreshes, in which case it needs to be repaired. I’m having difficulty modifying the selector so that it will work persistently. I tried introducing wildcard characters for volatile values, as illustrated below, but having trouble passing validation:

For example, when I click Repair, it adds an IDX tag (highlighted by red arrow below) which is not a persistent value:

Below is the set of options available to me through UI Explorer:

… and scrolling up slightly …

I would appreciate some guidance on how to select the field. I tried introducing additional containers, but with limited success. (In fact, out of frustration I tried selecting the entire set of containers and carefully adding wildcard characters where necessary, only to find that the second last substitution would cause it to fail validation.)

This particular wizard is a bit stubborn; usually I don’t have much trouble typing into fields. (By the way, I also tried using Anchor Base, but with no luck.)


I would begin with:

<webctrl rowName='AccountingPeriod' tag='TD' tableCol='2' />

and add the frame as parent if needed

<webctrl src='cache/*' tag='FRAME' />
<webctrl rowName='AccountingPeriod' tag='TD' tableCol='2' />

and if not enough, I’ll dig into parent table’s attribute to find something unique and consistent.

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Thank-you for pointing me in the right direction! I will keep working on it and keep you posted shortly.

Sadly it didn’t work (i.e. neither the 1-liner nor the 2-liner), so I will keep digging as you suggested.

In case it helps, your code seems to find a second version of the AccountingPeriod right below the wizard dialog box (i.e. see red rectangle below):

Good news … I was able to get it to work with the following code:

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. It saved me a lot of time!



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