Type into website Grid field

Website is built with grid,
I need to type into values to the grid fields.
It’s not working.

Jeya, you’ll need to be more specific. What are the selectors? What does the website look like?

Hi Jacobson,
Selecting from external excel file.
No issue on normal the textbox. Having problem to enter into grid fields

What is the selector you’re using for the Description box? Let’s start there

We can’t help without seeing the selector

Hi @Jeya_Seelan,

Like @Greg_Jacobson mentioned, its hard to tell what is the issue without the error screenshot.

Maybe try first with the UiExplorer with changing the Options on the UI Frameworks and see if you access the element on your grid.


Hi Jacobson,
From excel file
using click and type into inputfile_excel

Not sure you are asking about this?


Please click the three horizontal lines and navigate to ‘edit selector’ and send a screenshot of the selector.

Please refer to this webpage regarding selectors, as it is extremely important to understand before starting an automation:

Hi Jacobson and Priya,

Description field is captured.
But the other fields are not capturing in grid.

Hi @jeya_seelan,

Could you please replace the first selector in the place of second selector i have mentioned in the below screenshots and tell me if it is highlighting correctly in the text field line amount in your application.



if it is working fine i will tell you the logic to handle it.

As suggested by the forum members in this group is to use ui explorer is the best practice to get the proper selectors for the fields which are not coming by default while indicating.


Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1,

Changed and tried also hit error.