UI Element Click Error

I am trying to click the fields and type into them.

It works the first time when I run the automation, but if I refresh the page, it doesn’t seem to click anything.

This is the error message I get:


Remove the ID attribute from Selector and then try once.

No error now but it’s clicking the first blank box to type into instead of the target box.

if possible
can i have a view on the selector editor window once
we need to add few more attributes along the selector so that it gets robust and will click for sure
kindly share that screenshot once
Cheers @an.nguyen

Here’s what the selector window looks like:

So one thing you can do is introduce a wildcard character into your selector.

So your id will be as follows: “id = ‘saw_1*_b_1’”. What a wildcard character means is basically ANYTHING can be placed within there.
*= one or more characters
?= a single character.
This works very well for selectors in my experience if you are dealing with form number specific links.

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This almost fixed my issue! My last problem is that the BOT is filling out a different box even though the Selector doesn’t make sense. I want it to fill ‘Period Name’ with “JUN-19” but it fills the ‘Account’ box instead.

This is what I currently have as the selector:

I don’t understand why it’s doing this because the ‘Account’ box has an id that looks like “saw_*_9_1”

How can it fill out a different box when I put ‘d’ and not ‘9’?

So you can modify the wildcard even more to see if that works. like you can do “saw_*” and that will compensate for even more variation, but your selector might get inaccurate.

Another tool you can use is the repair tool and the best way to use that is select your textbox normally, then go to a situation on the page where the selector does not work, select the repair tool, and reclick on the the UI element you had before. This will make UiPath auto-generate a more dynamic selector.

Remember you can also use a single wildcard by using “?”, that limits the wildcard to only one character instead of multiple from using “*”

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