Trying to add language for Google OCR, can't find tessdata folder in Enterprise edition

Hey guys,

I want to add a language pack to the Google OCR, downloaded it from the github library, but now I can’t find the tessdata folder to paste it in. I’m on Enterprise Edition 2018.3.2, where I believe it should be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio, but it’s not there. It’s also not in the AppData folder or Program Data folder. Can anyone help me out?


@evangemert Right click Uipath Studio Shortcut, and Click on properties. You will be displayed new window.

Inside window, Under Shortcut tab, You can find Open File location, Click on it and uipath folder is opened. There you can check for required folders or files.

Hello @Manjuts90, thanks for your response. This is the folder I mentioned in my post (C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio), but there’s no tessdata folder there. It’s also not hidden, when I manually add it to the path I get an error that the folder doesn’t exist. This is all I’ve got:


Hi @evangemert

You will have to copy it to that location yourself

See this

Also, you can download the trained data from here


Resolved it.

For anyone reading this in the future: you can just make the folder. That’s what I did not know/understand.