Google OCR - language pack traineddata location

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently installed a language pack “traineddata” file for Google OCR. My question here is where is the most appropriate location to keep the file in. I’ve read in the UiPath Studio Guide that the location for the Google OCR language pack should be in the Studio installation folder (Installing OCR Languages).

However, Google OCR (the non-cloud/free version) actually uses Tesseract OCR engine. UiPath Studio has its own documentation on the subject, stating that the correct file location for the language pack for the Tesseract OCR should be in the .nugget folder (Installing OCR Languages).

I’ve tried both, and they both work exclusively. My point is which location should be considered, and if two distinct language packs (with the same name) are installed in both, which one is considered by UiPath Studio?


Hello :slight_smile:

The answer would be the file in the in the Studio install folder :slight_smile: (Basically the file in the install folder always takes precedence)
If by any chance one of the files would be invalid then the valid one will be taken from either the nuget location or the studio install folder.