Installing additional language pack for google OCR



Download the trained data language file from
save file “uipath installation directory”/tessdata eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\tessdata
restart uipath studio

OCR Engines in Studio - Setup and Languages
OCR Error(traineddata v3.04)

I download chinese language pack,

what’s wrong with google OCR?

Do UiPath provide the Korean language package?

Try Language “chi_sim” instead of “chi-sim”.


I am having the same issue

I have done the same steps as rainman, except for the hebrew language pack.
I put “heb” under language in the Google OCR function and I get the following error


@tamirs, have you tried putting “heb” in the Language property for UiPath.CoreActivities.GoogleOCR? It should go where “rus” is in the screenshot below.


If so, and it didn’t work, make sure your heb.traineddata is in the right folder. Here’s a screenshot of where my tessdata is:




Hey all,
so, this doesn’t seem to apply anymore, as the CE version installs on
Within this folder, the only place I found
*.traineddata is
/Activities/UIPath.Vision<whatever version>/build.
Copying the .traineddata to this folder does not make the new language appear.
Any idea what to do?