Try Catch not working as expected


I’m trying the Try Catch activity but it stops as soon as the error occurs. I want it to jump in the catch statement and not stopping. If i manually click continue it works and the catch block is activated.

Hi @pascal.casiddu ,

Could you let us know what exactly is happening now and how you can confirm that the Try Catch did not work as expected.

Whenever there is an Error, I believe you’re performing a Copy File operation, Is that operation not executed for the errored scenarios ?

I want to test Try and Catch to understand it and use it in another project.
In this case I’m using microsoft paint to write the name of every file in paint.
This is my try block:

the catch block is above.
If, for whatever reason, it is not possible to execute any of the 3 activities in the try block I want it to copy the file in another folder (just to check on which file the try block didn’t work).
But the flow doesn’t continue. If the try block doesn’t work and an error occures it stops and I have to press continue to execute the catch block.


Please enable this

In debug it pauses if this is not enabled and will move only when you click continue


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Omg, yeah that was a rookie mistake. Thanks :sweat_smile:

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