Try Catch with If Condition

Hi everyone!

Anyone know here how to use if condition when doing try catch? For example, if I have an error, I’ll do a certain activity and without error, another activity. Try catch is inside a for each loop, I tried to use the “Continue” activity after try catch so that it can proceed to the next item after catching the error but it’s not working.

Any suggestion?

HI @cldt ,
can you share the screenshot, it will work next record if you have used try catch.



Hope the following helps you.



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Hi @Yoichi ,

No need to give continue activity, it will work fine. What error are you getting?


You have already got the answer

If it doesn’t throw any error it will be in try block only
So you can include all the activities in TRY block you want to perform when no error

And if there is any error it willl go to Catch block where we can include the relevant activity

And obvious even if any error occur it willl continue with the next set of activities and that’s the purpose of try catch and I hope we don’t need continue activity here

Cheers @cldt

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Thanks everyone for your inputs!

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