"try catch" activity does not work as I expect

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with one of my workflow.

It’s a For each loop that perform some extraction after writing url from a database.

It works great, but I have a problem.

Sometimes the webpages is just not available, and in this case I want to use try catch to catch the error that the “Get full text” activity gives me and simply go forward with the next row of database.

The problem is that my Try Catch never recognise the error and go to “try” section performing the activity I want.

Could you please tell me if my try catch is set correctly?


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Hey @Alessandro_DR,

Your try-catch should enclose the get full text activity with continue in catch block.

PFA - HanldeException.zip (3.4 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile:


It is not indeed. You turned it upside down.
TRY block is where you put your code that could fail.
CATCH block is where you handle exception that hapenned in TRY block.



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