Try catch in retry scope

hi all,
just a question, why, in REFramework, the activity that load queue is inside a try catch innested in a retry scope?
Is useful to have? For which reason?


can you please provide more details about the activity you mentioned?

If you want to know, why one sometimes uses the try-catch activity over the retry scope: sometimes you just don’t want to retry a failed activity (e.g. if you know, that a retry will definetly not solve the problem).


This is the activity i was referring to…
Inside the get transaction data

They reason theres a try-catch inside the retry is so that each time theres an exception, the “catches” section allows uipath the print out the exception message, then it will rethrow the exception so that the retry scope will retry it.

If theres no try catch, you wont know why “get transaction item” fails, untils the whole retry scope fails


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