How to Retry the failed step In Reframework of failed transaction

Hi All
In Reframework is it possible to retry the failed step(activity) instead of retrying the entire transaction.
Please advise

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Hi @Newton_Rich_SV ,

You can use retry activity to retry particular step only.


I want to perform the background activity

What background activity you are doing?

Hi @Newton_Rich_SV

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usuallly whenever we want to repeat the failed steps again
there are 2 activities to do that

  1. TRY CATCH activity


  3. If you are having a activity which may or may not fail at times. Considering such situation you can surround that activity with TRY CATCH activity
    –that is include that activity or even a sequence of activity in TRY Block
    –select System.Exception in Exception type so that it will cover all types of exception/failures
    –if any of the activity in try block fails it will go to CATCH Block where we can place the same activity or same sequence of activity so that it will repeat the same steps

  4. RETRY SCOPE can be used if you want to retry the same steps multiple times
    we can configure the number of times we want to repeat that activity
    Simply place the activity in ACTION Block and if you have any conditions mention that in condition block using ELEMENT EXISTS ACTIVITY or IMAGE EXISTS activity

Cheers @Newton_Rich_SV