Try catch activity: How to automatic "Continue"

I’ve already used a try catch activity, It works.
But I have to click “Continue” always when the process is error.
Can i set up the process to automatic “Continue” ?
Please advise me.

@tanyaporn.d I guess you’re Executing the xaml in Debug Mode :sweat_smile: Please Check

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@tanyaporn.d Make Sure either use Run File or Run in Design Panel in the Dropdown Options of Debug Run File as Shown in image below if you do not want to Run in Debug Mode :


This is because you are running the workflow in debug mode. Debug mode waits for user interaction.
Go to Design tab. Click on Run button. It opens dropdown with run options. Select run file or Run depending upon your requirement.
Run will start the execution from the workflow specified as start up in the project.json file
Run File will start the execution from the current active workflow file.

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Thank you so much :grinning: :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch @Madhavi


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