[Troubleshoot Assist Needed] Advanced Level 3 - Generate Yearly Report: Dispatcher Error

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue with my dispatcher, it recognizes that I am on the first page, however for some reason, it won’t extract the data table that is present on the first page nor can it identify the element for next page exists to click it.

I’m following the instructions given by the Walkthrough but it won’t work for me:

Can anyone help me spot where my mistake is? Below is my output:

Here is the screenshot of my Get Transaction Data - Element Exist Next Page:

Here’s the screenshot for my Process - Click Next Page:

Element on Appear:

So as you can see, it never reached this activity as otherwise the Debug: Write Line would’ve been printed in the output!

I would really appreciate the assistance to identify the matter!

P.S. I’ve already changed all the required transaction items to string in the main page variable as well as all the arguments in, get transaction data, process, and set transaction status and updated the invoke workflow.

Hi @strqsr,
Please try to test it on IE instead of Chrome. This website was made to work better with IE.

I was able to finish this course on Chrome just fine. I’ve just tested again and I can still do it.

I believe your problem lies in what “in_TransactionItem” actually is. I don’t remember the specifics for this course, but for this “click to the next page” you just want an integer for the page number.

I tested this using a crude “counter + 1” workflow

In any case, I suggest you log “in_TransactionItem” first (before On Element Appear) to see just what you are passing to the selector.


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Hi @JCaravaca @Pablito!

Could you perhaps elaborate on what do you mean by integer as in_TransactionItem? As the Walkthrough mentioned that in_TransactionNumber argument is the page number!

Thanks for the tip but unfortunately it’s I think my Element exists activity that’s causing this error. I ran it in debug mode and it shows that it does not recognize my transaction number which is strange because it printed out the page as you can see from the screenshot below:

But it doesn’t register in this activity.

As you can see, NextPageExists is false in the if activity because when it throws a null exception here:

I’ll try to do it in IE, but I’m very much more comfortable with using chrome and so far I’ve haven’t had any issues like this before so I’m not sure where the issue is.

What I meant is that you are using “in_TransactionItem” in your On Element Appear selector, so it would be a good idea to check (log) just what is “in_TransactionItem” before that activity, to make sure it’s the expected result (and same stype, STRING in this case); we would have arrived to the same issue.

If it’s not running the “Element exists” activity at all, there might be an issue with the “Attach Browser” activity. In any case, try logging your “NextPageExists” right after the Element Exists activity.

Can you elaborate on the thrown exception? It shouldn’t throw an exception on that check specifically since, if you defined NextPageExists as Bool, it would default to False

Can you send me Level 3,Assignment 1: Calculate client security hash? Which you already completed. It’s will be helpful for me.

@JCaravaca Hey!

So after changing the class, it finally read that my page existed and gave the debug line that I wrote to check on whether out_TransactionItem is notnothing. But after passing it through it goes to my process page where now the On Element activity faces a timeout even after I’ve given it plenty of time to process through.

Sorry, that’s not possible, you’ll have to finish it yourself! If there isn’t anything you understand you can post in the forum!

That sounds like the selector is not doing what it should. I think your “page number” is getting lost in the way somehow (I’ve had that happen many times, not setting the right in/out arguments can bite you later on)

I suggest you keep an eye out on your page number (through logging and/or inspecting the Local variables panel in Debugging mode) and how it gets sent around the process. It starts as in_TransactionNumber, and somewhere along the way it likely doesn’t make it to the selector.

Additionally, you should replace the selector for the On Element Appear and Click Next Page activities with variables, so you can then log these variables and see what selector the activities are actually trying to use

I have actually, but it didn’t help me in debugging, I’ve managed to get to the second page only to face the same issue and this time I’m not sure what selector to use anymore because it seems like it doesn’t work on google chrome.

At this point, I think I might just have to re-do on internet explorer.

Okay I figured it out - It might happen only on chrome.

The selector for an “unselected” page ends with


Whereas a “selected” page has a selector ending with


Simply removing the whole tag reference in the selector should work.

Hey! Yeah I actually figured that out too! I was gonna go online to update you that I used a wildcard to solve it. Thank you though!

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