Assignment 2(Dispatcher part) Level3 **Click 'A https://acme-test.ui...': Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <webctrl aaname='14' tag='A' />**

It fetch all the transaction data, but after that it doesn’t work. And another thing is the transaction number starts from 2.
I tried every possible way I can but can’t solve it.
I’ve attached the project here. (506.0 KB)

Can you try passing the value for the tag aaname as asterisk (*) and check if that works?

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Thanks for your reply. I think aaname should be the transactionItem.

Can you explain a bit what are you trying to do here with the transaction item number?

Here this is similar to pagenumber . There are 14th page. For each page the value in_TransactionItem is changing and fetching ta transaction data from each page.

I don’t understand why you are trying to scrape the data in each page @Hasna_Hoque_Mitu? You can scrape the data from multiple pages at once right? Even can you try to indicate the element which you are passing dynamically and check if it is same as which you are passing?

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Thanks for your reply. I solved that.

help me. i am same problem.

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After logging in, click workitems-> sub 1 ~ * buttons, log outs, and then terminate normally with kill application.Click ‘A https: //acme-test.ui …’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: An error has occurred.plz

Dear, I have forgot how I solved it. But I’m giving you my assignment . You can check it to understand the (1.1 MB)

Here, you have to select the whole row, not only 1. Your selector should be like the photo I’m giving you.

There is a problem. The button was not pressed and a process finished due to no more transaction data bug occurred. Please confirm.Generate_Yearly_Report_Dispatcher (2).zip (1.1 MB)

also same error.

The process is automatically going to “Transaction Number 2” and is skipping “Transaction Number 1”. May b because of this “Transaction Number 15” is a non-existent transaction.

Please change The default value of transactionNumber from 1 to 0.

You also started 2-> in the beginning. Where should I modify?

Sorry dear. i’m a little bit busy and also I’m not expert. can you please post your problem separately so that other peoples can help.

Use this selector.

And ensure the click activity is in an attach browser