Dispatcher Navigation issue

HI All,

In dispatcher part of Generate yearly report assignment, robot is stuck at transaction 1 and could not navigate to other pages. Could you guys please help me out?

Did you increment Transaction Number?

Can you share full of dynamic selector?



Is it implemented with RE Framework, could you please share the Main.xaml image as well.

Main.xaml (52.4 KB)

@sarathi125 attached is the main file. Please help.

@ercanebiler below it the dynamic selector and I’ve incremented transaction number as well.

I think you should type nextPage instead of in_TransactionItem in dynamicSelector.

@ercanebiler is it going to work?

You are selecting pages with that dynamic selector right? If yes, you should use transactionNumber or your value “NextPage”. Both ways you should increment transaction number.

Your TransactionData is DataTable but your TransactionItem is String type, so what you are passing with this TransactionItem, is it available in the webpage you are working with.

[Uploading: Generate yearly report

I’m trying to do the assignment 2 of level 3 uipath training. Attached is the walkthrough.

Generate_Yearly_Report_Walkthrough_Short.pdf (977.7 KB)


I’m saying again. You are incrementing “NEXTPAGE” value. But you are using “TransactionItem” to click next page. Type NextPage in dynamic selector instead of TransactionItem. You said is it going to work and you didn’t say about it works or not.

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Let me try it.

@ercanebiler observing compiler error:

Change the scope of “NextPage” value. Be sure it’s a string(if not .toString to the end)

@ercanebiler NextPage is not available in the variables on Process file.

  1. In GetTransactionData use an assign for dynamic selector with “in_TransactionNumber”
  2. Then check with that selector element exists.
  3. Then put an if for “NextPageExists(bool)”
  4. if value true make an assign out_TransactionItem = in_TransactionNumber.ToString

Try with that.

@ercanebiler I think it is already there.

Did you delete somethings in “SetTransactionStatus” ? If you did that you should increment TransactionNumber by yourself.

@ercanebiler , SetTransactionStatus looks blank.