Make my robot "adaptive"

Hello, I need to make a robot that does web extraction. I have two problems. The first thing is that sometimes my robot works, sometimes it doesn’t, even though I haven’t changed the code. Most of the time the selectors work but there are some executions where the selectors don’t work, especially the type into activity.

The second thing is that I would like my project to work on all PCs. The problem is that sometimes the browser does popups (cookies or permissions for notifications, for example), but I don’t necessarily have those popups on my browser or maybe they don’t look the same depending on the version of IE I’m using, so I can’t manually handle them all. Is there a smart version to fix this? Thanks

Hello @Kanki

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For the first problem, you can try different method options given below

Also, if you know the tab index of the textbox you can use send hotkey activity to traverse your textbox and then use type into.

For the popups you can use activities like OnElementAppear, If ElemenExists

You can first try to search this on Forum also there are many similar topics with solution

like this one


Hello, thank you for your answer.
I use the default method for type into because it seems to work best on the site I use.
I didn’t know the send hotkey activity, I’ll have a look.
I see, I will continue to use Element exist to manage popups then. Thanks

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