Trouble when trying to start job


I get the following error on a robot when trying to start a job:

Job failed. Reason: Could not start executor. Rdp connection failed: Message: The connection transport layer failed., Last error: 131085

When I RDP into the machine as the robot user, I have no issues. Also, if I change Log in to console to yes in robot settings, it seems to work again, but not for two robots simultaneously. This problem occured for the first time out of the blue yesterday, without implementing any changes to the architechture.

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hi @Rasman
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i hope you have a windows terminal issue , not related uipath

when u use RDP form one user , you cannot connect in to same machine with another RDP as general ,
if you need to do it , you have to manage rdp terminal for that , i hope you have to get the support form your windows admin for that
and there is a another option : that you can create hi density robot/server

I have of course closed the manual RDP connection before trying to start the job with the robot user, if that is what you mean? :slight_smile:

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yes @Rasman
i hope you are not sending another connection form another robot for that same machine

Nope, not doing that :slight_smile:

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Everything worked perfectly fine until yesterday, we have ran many jobs before.

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it should not be the issue of running multiple jobs ,
can u check with the log and how about now the status

What version are you using? Cloud? On Prem? Any upgrades?

2019.4.4, on prem solution, upgrades in what sense?

We also discovered that the robots start in Orchestrator if we have an open RDP session as the robot user.

The robots are members of remote desktop users :confused: