Trouble using URL Segments with HTTP Request

I’m using the HTTP Request Activity to request a JSON from the following EndPoint: “$filter=declarationDate gt ‘2019-01-01’”

It works fine. The problem is I want to replace the “2019-01-01” with a URL Segement. I’ve tried the following:$filter=declarationDate gt ‘{decdate}’” with decdate set as “2019-01-01”

and$filter=declarationDate gt {decdate}” with decdate set as “‘2019-01-01’”

Neither returns the json. Is there something I’m missing?

Have you tried passing it as a string variable? As, store the URL in a variable and then try appending or concatenating both the variables you have >

That worked, although I’m still curious as to why the URLSegment way doesn’t work.

May be uipath studio doesn’t recognise the url segments as postman did @bzilch… I hope so

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