HTTP Request: URL Segments Error

Hi guys,

I updated the HTTP Package. Since that update i got error Messages from a Job.
I used in that Job the HTTP Request + variables with the URL Segment and it looks like that in the array function something is changed. He is posting the complete values from the Array in each run. Is that an bug?

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Hi guys,

it looks like that in the package is a little bit more broken than i wrote yesterday.
To test the functionality i wrote a test case. I added a new HTTP Client and it looks like that the complete URL Segments function is gone. In the URL preview the url segments will be added correctly. Bit if you hit than the Preview button the preview runs only againts the endpoint URL without the segments.
After safe the of the client the url segments are safed but will not add to the endpoint adress.
Please fix the package.



Hi @TimoC. @cosmin.sandulescu confirmed we have a bug.
@Alex_Vasile will fix and let you know.

Hi @TimoC

Here are some screenshots of how the Http Request activity should be used for URL Segments.

According to the RestSharp API, when the request executes, RestSharp will try to match any {placeholder} with a parameter of that name (without the {}) and replace it with the value.

So the functionality works, the only minor problem is related to the preview URL which is not showing as it should, but this is not affecting the activity.

Please let me know if you manage to solve the issue.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your Feedback. I tried your solution and it works. Thanks for the solution!

One small side note:
I tried that with two different apis (but from the same company) and found a funny/crazy point (where i don’t know if it is a bug in UIPATH or a problem from that apis or a Proxy caching problem): If made an mistake on creation of the http request and hit the preview button i got an error (consquentially) but if i correct the error and hit the preview button again i got on every time the same error. If i save the request and hit the run button, it works.
But this is only a side note…

Best regards