HTTP Request Issue


I’m currently using the HTTP Request to interacting with a ticketing system to create tickets. I’m running into an issue right now with the GET request and URL segments.

The issue is that my url at the end looks like this shortCode=VALUEHERE but when I pass a string using the UrlSegment it populates as shortCode=“VALUEHERE”.
How can I add the string without the quotation marks for the urlsegment?


Hi @afc.tsun!
Use for example yourstring.Replace("""","") for remove quotation, let me know if worked :stuck_out_tongue:

That did not appear to work. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I guess a string without "s is no longer a string… I need to pass names though such as ‘DoeJ’. hmm…

can you show print screen for understand better the situation?

Absolutely. So this is the endpoint I am requesting from.
This is what my urlsegments looks like.

and finally I will show you what the preview looks like (testing)

See how the “test” has quotes around it but that will not return successfully I need it to look like this.

One suggestion, instead of type the variable in URL Segment, go to endpoint and type like this :"+var1

You my man, are a genius! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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