Trouble setting up vdi

Hello, I will try to bullet point so I can try to explain the issue as clear as possible (as I believe I’m the one that caused the issue)

  • I have 2 unattended licenses
  • I have a work laptop and recently acquired a vdi
  • I have assistant installed in user mode on my laptop and service mode on my vdi
  • I have a user account called “Chris Dease” and a robot called “UnattendedRobot001”
  • at one point i set up my user account to run unattended and assigned that account my network credentials
  • my vdi works under the same credentials (Domain/username) as my laptop
  • i tried to remove my credentials from the user account and add to the robot account so i can run unattended automations from the vdi and move away from my physical laptop.
  • when i do that, i lose all of my automations in assistant (on my laptop) and cannot run any of those automation attended. Shouldn’t i still be able to run attended since that user has automtation developer - named user license?
  • also, i’m just getting a “connected with unattended” on my vdi with yellow light. ( i know i’ve given robot permissions to the folders (none of the automations from that folder show up) and i’ve allocated an unattended robot to that machine.

apologize for the long post and hopefully this make sense. Any help would be appreciated.


For automations to appear signin in is mandatory…if you use machine key or client id alone you might not see them


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when i try to sign in, i keep getting routed to this page and nothing happens:
i’m signed into orchestrator on the vdi, so not sure what to do next.


Can you show a screenshot of your assistant…preferences

You can as well click on open browser to force open


I was finally able to sign in and able to perform the functions needed. I’m not sure what the solution was if not just persistence. VDI is functioning correctly right now.

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